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Welcome To True Nubia's Native Cures - Natural Remedies & Preventative Living!

True Nubia's Native Cures Mart offers the market-leading brand of natural remedies specially formulated to provide a complete solution for women's holistic health and wellness. With more than 250 herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies, we’re confident that you’ll find the holistic health products you need.

The unique health care issues women face throughout their lives include physical issues such as sexual and reproductive health, fertility, menopause, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Women also confront vital psychological concerns like stress management, anxiety, depression, and even premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

Understanding the Benefits of Herbal + Homeopathic Remedies
Native Cures Mart promotes a dual modality approach to holistic wellness—as we know that natural medicine works best in combination (herbal, homeopathic, flower essences and tissue salts) for fast-acting relief and long-term care.

While each of our natural remedies works well on its own to address a specific body function or relieve a particular symptom, we believe that by combining our herbal and homeopathic remedies you will find a complete solution that is safe and highly effective.

Homeopathic remedies treat the acute symptoms of a condition and stimulate the body to begin the healing process.

Herbal remedies work on the cause of the problem by improving systemic functioning and supporting the organ, body system or individual as a whole.

Tissue salts, which are also homeopathic, bring about harmony in the body as a whole by restoring balance.

Flower essences address both emotional and mental aspects of wellness and work to re-balance energy to return order to chaos.
A complete solution for wellness combines these four types of remedies to combat physical, emotional or psychological health problem(s) and restore balance in the body to provide both quick symptomatic relief and improve body function for long-term health

Browse our site to find a comprehensive set of herbal native remedies to help you manage and optimize women's health – naturally and safely.

View Natural Products for Women's Health

Focusing on a dual-modality approach to wellness, you can hope for fast-acting symptomatic relief (homeopathic) plus improve body function for long-term holistic health (herbal), and discover the body’s innate sense of healing with tissue salts and flower essences.



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